Proceedings of the August 20th Meeting

At initiatives from PCP Haryana and recommendations of the State Associations from UK, HP and UP, a Meeting of the State Veterinary Associations of all States of India was convened at the HIPA Complex, Gurgaon on 20.08.2017 with a purpose to form a National level organization which could cater for interests of the serving Vets all across the Nation particularly those working under the Field conditions. ‘One nomenclature, one pay scale” throughout the country was given as principal theme of the conclave.

The meeting was Presided by Hon’ble Dr GS Jakhar, worthy DG, AHD, Haryana and attended by State Delegations from the States of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Utter Pradesh and Uttra Khand in person while telephonic/ digital media consents were sent by Chhatisgarh, Goa, Manipur, Tripura, Kerala and Sikkim who wanted to join but couldn’t because of one or the other compelling circumstances.

Office bearers from IVA although attended the meeting but they preferred to represent their own states rather than IVA. The states of WB and MP preferred to stay neutral.

In his inaugural address, Dr Jakhar emphasized upon the importance of having an efficient, effective and functioning body at the Centre through mutual consensus so that interests of the Veterinarians could be safeguarded. He advised the house to opt between revival of IVA or formation of a new NVA, as that proposed during the Zonal Meet of State representatives on July 15-16 at Panchkula. He concurred with the idea of one nomenclature, one pay scale rather encouraged the house to go for it as a must since existence of different nomenclature at the entry level like Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Asstt Surgeon, Research Officer, Livestock Officer and so on, created a huge confusion giving higher authorities an excuse not to take the profession seriously. Dr Jakhar further insisted that a common nomenclature was a trait that could be accorded without any extra cost to the State exchequers but could prove a strong basis for consideration of the Vets at par for all purposes.

During deliberations, all States unequivocally agreed upon the proposal of Dr Jakhar for having a solid, strong body of their representatives at the Centre.

While Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Andhra went for co-existance of NVA and IVA both, owing to their separate mandates, remaining of the participants vouched indomitably in favour of a single NVA. Their contention was that they did not even hear about a single contribution of IVA in their long tenures of service upto 29 years, inspite of claims of the organization to be in existence for decades altogether. Then why to put their faith in such a vestigial body? More so, why to trust such office bearers who have been sticking to their seats since time immortal by making unlawful mutilations in constitution of the Apex body? Finally, why to entrust burning issues of their current concern in hands of those retired ages earlier?

Being the first ever congregation at such large scale, the participants also shared their success stories as well as challenges faced at their local level in anticipation to seek solutions with help from NVA. Some of the issues put forward are given below:

– Departmental heads being non-vets/bureaucrats
-Anomalies in the joining pay scale, in some of the states the GP being as low as 4600
– Lack of basic amenities in hospitals essential to perform duties especially in the countryside.
– Substandard medicines
– Complete absence or non-uniform NPA and other allowances like zoonosis allowance, risk allowance, transportation allowance etc.
– Non performing SVCs
– Incomplete cadres, irregular entries and senior stagnation
– Misrepresenting subordinate staff
– Shortage of supporting staff
– Quackery leading to disease resistance
– Demand for induction of Vets to administrative services
– Proposal for world class quarantine stations at all National borders etc.

During discussions a justification provided for NPA by one of the seasoned colleague was largely appreciated. His argument was that NPA is not an amount granted in lieu of not seeking payments for service to their ailing subjects because that have remained their duty even before introduction of the NPA. Rather NPA to Vets was an honorarium in order to compensate for the extra no. of years put in by them during their studies. That is why it was awarded to the university professors and even to the retiring professionals.

Dr Chirantan Kadian, PCP President and organizing host of the event briefed the house about their untiring efforts and recent accomplishments through the spirits of unity, mutual respect and honesty and assured the visiting guests of extending every possible help to meet the mandates of NVA.

The house elected Dr Chirantan Kadian as their acting President for a period of six months and entrusted him to select a working Secretary of his choice to assist. Dr Kadian opted for Dr Siribhagwan, a dedicated member of PCP and placed in a proximal position to the PCP President for ease of access. Dr Kadian was authorized to take all necessary measures to start working on mandate of the NVA in all good sense. During this period, bylaws of NVA are to be finalized. A draft copy of the proposed constitution already submitted to all delegates for perusal, improvement and approval.

After six months, an AGM to be convened to elect a permanent Executive Body for the NVA as per its constitution. It was also pledged that the NVA will be run only by the people in active service. Retirees to retire from office of the Apex Body automatically.

The meeting concluded with deepest gratitude to all participating States coming from all corners of the Nation far and wide to make this conference a mega success!

A new Era in the profession of Veterinary Sciences thus begins with a single goal of one Nation, one nomenclature, one pay scale’, emanating new hopes for everyone.