Demand raised for use of combined FMD-HS vaccine

Pashu Sandesh, 09 November 2017

In a memorandum written to Central Minister of state for Agriculture Krishna Raj, Pashu Chikitsa Mahasangh the national body of Vets has appealed for the use of combined FMD-HS vaccination. Memorandum signed and personally handed over by the Pashu Chikitsa Mahasangh President Dr. Chirantan Kadyan, cites several studies from India and abroad in support of their appeal.

In India all Livestock population is vaccinated twice a year for HS and FMD i.e. 4 times a year and there are two types of vaccine available.

  1. Monovalent Vaccine– available for HS and FMD separately.
  2. Combined Vaccine of FMD-HS

Advantages of the use of FMD-HS combined vaccine:

  1. Combined Vaccine has an immunity of one year and instead of 4 pricks a year only one injection is sufficient thereby reducing the pain inflicted to the animals.
  2. Increase in Milk production: – Every time an animal is vaccinated, due to fever loss of milk production is reported to the tune of 1.5 to litre/milking totalling to 4 Kg per day and about 15-20 litre in one phase and about 60-80 litres per lactation per animal. Only one injection will reduce it to only 15-20 litres thereby saving 45-60 litres per lactation.
  3. Cost Effective:– A single dose of HS Vaccine costs Rs. 2.25/ dose and 2 doses per year costs Rs. 4.50 and a single dose of FMD costs Rs. 6.50 and 2 doses costs Rs. 13.00 totalling to Rs. 17.50 whereas single dose costs only Rs. 9.50/ dose. So a total saving of Rs. 8 per dose would save Govt., crores of rupees. A further indirect saving of Rs 15 per animal can be assumed if one takes into consideration a saving of three syringes which would have been otherwise consumed.
  4. Effective use of Human Resource Component: A single vaccination will relieve the pressure on veterinarians involved in vaccination resulting in their efficacious use in providing veterinary services. Also crores of rupees spent on their travelling allowance will also be saved.

Now the ball is in the government’s court and further response from the government is remain to be seen. Full marks and Kudos to Pashu Chikitsa Mahasangh and Dr. Chirantan Kadyan for bringing out such a topic for National debate and implementation which has a far reaching consequences. In conversation with Pashu Sandesh Dr. Kadyan elaborated that Pashu Chikitsa Mahasangh will continue to bring forward matters of the interest of Farmers and Veterinarians in to the notice of Government and would also like to be part of any such policy making in this regard.

A single change in policy has the potential for tremendous saving of revenue which can then be utilized for further benefit of the farmers.  After all money saved is money earned.