IVA Meeting on 31st March 2019

The issue of attack on IVC Act by Maharashtra govt is deplorable.Students,faculty,serving vets and veterinarian in all traits are in agitated mood and PCM asked to lead revival of Indian Veterinary Association at the earliest. On 03.03.19 Tamilnadu vets including faculty and intellectuals came to meet PCM and formed an ad-hoc committee to revive IVA. We have been seized and deliberating over the issue and now the issue of Maharashtra has come up on urgent basis and PCM is supporting PPVM .
On the basis of discussion, it has been decided to go ahead with revival of IVA and general body of all state Veterinary Association is proposed to be called for on 31.03.19 and ad-hoc committee on 30.03.19. PPVM has agreed to all arrangement. A delegate fee of Rs 1000 is proposed to aid PPVM in arrangement. It is crisis time of our profession and all state association to gear up. We invite all to give their opinion please.

This will unite all vets and strengthen Maharashtra movement.

The venue is NAGPUR