Gujarat Veterinary Council election sets an example for rest of the states

On Monday the 23rd April Gujarat Veterinary Council (GVC) 2018 Election results have been declared. Four Candidates were declared elected by the returning officer for the GVC 2018 election Dr C G Choudhary.

Following candidates have been declared elected:

  • Dr Sanjay Abheraj Chaudhary
  • Dr Ashish Kumar Chaturbhai Patel
  • Dr Manubhai Kanjibhai Patel
  • Dr Anil Kumar Chaganlal Virani

Gujarat Veterinary Council election 2018 is special in a sense that all these four elected members have been declared elected unanimously. Initially, 8 candidates had filed their nominations for the elections for the 4 elected posts, out of which with common consensus 4 candidates withdrew their nominations, thus obviating any need for the voting.

GVC comprises Vets from the Government Veterinary sector and large number of Vets from the cooperatives beside other Vets registered with the council. Coming to a consensus for a unanimous elections result speaks of the volume about the coordination and the unity amongst the Vets of Gujarat. This show of strength and Unity is a golden example to follow for Vets all across other states. With the unanimous result the GVC will emerge as a strong body as somewhere or the other elections do leave a bitter aftertaste among candidates. Unity is the keyword if a council wants to press for their demand with the Government and that is what exactly displayed by the GVC 2018 election results.

Pashu Sandesh congratulates all the 4 elected members of the Gujarat Veterinary Council.