Field Vets would be involved in the process of planning- Tarun Shridhar

Animal Husbandry sector and Veterinary doctors of the country have a major role in doubling Farmers income. Today it is unanimously accepted at all levels of planning, that the Farmers income can be doubled only by integrating Animal Husbandry activities with Agriculture. This was stated by Tarun Shridhar, Secretary Department of Animal Husbandry Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India. He was speaking as a chief guest in a seminar on “Role of Veterinarians in doubling Farmers income” organized by Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh at New Delhi on 10th April.

Secretary informed the house that from now on the field Vets would be involved in the process of planning and policy making as they have vast practical experience and have firsthand experience of the implementation and outcomes of various Government schemes.

Shridhar stressed that the role of Vets is not merely to treat the Animals but also to see themselves as a contributor in the economic development of the country through Animal husbandry sector. This places a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the Vets. Along with treatment Vets should also work in the direction of increasing production and productivity of animals, for the uplift of the rural economy.

On the suggestion of uniform nomenclature for the various cadres of Vets all across India, Secretary welcomed the suggestion and opined that although it’s a matter of State he would write to the States in this regard as it would certainly bring about the uniformity and ease out the working and end the ambiguity.

Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh is long been raising the demand for the use of the combined vaccine for HS and FMD. Shridhar said that the decision of using the combined FMD vaccine will be taken after consulting the Technocrats. Soon a committee would be formed comprising ICAR scientists and other stakeholders to discuss the issue.

Shridhar applauded the effort of Telangana government’s sheep and goat distribution scheme. He stressed the importance of small ruminants in the Animal Husbandry as these hardy animals are easy to rear by the poor farmers and are prolific breeders in comparison to large animals.

As per the DADF Secretary, the Animal Husbandry sector has grown at a rate of more than 6% and in comparison Agriculture sector, despite the best efforts by the Government has shown a growth rate of only 2 to 3% in the last decade. Hence need of the hour is to focus on the Animal Husbandry sector which the Government is doing at present with the boost of nearly 20 thousand crore Rupees through dairy infrastructure development fund and livestock infrastructure development fund.

Animal Husbandry Commissioner, Dr. Suresh S. Honnoppagol in his address stressed on the need of the focus on Disease control program, especially Zoonotic Diseases. As per Dr. Suresh if we have to increase the export of animal products then we must put all the effort in controlling Zoonotic diseases. He called upon the Vets to continuously train and upgrade themselves in new techniques. He also elaborated upon various Government schemes in the Animal Husbandry sector and informed about various awards to motivate the animal husbandry sector.

In the seminar Director General Animal Husbandry Haryana, Dr. G S Jakhar spoke at length on the role of veterinarians in doubling Farmers income. He suggested that the ICAR should be given the mandate to develop and test combined Vaccines. He said ICAR should also work on developing long duration vaccines which could provide long-term or lifelong immunity. Development of these long-duration vaccines should reduce the cost and effort of Vaccination.